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​​​​​​KIAN BABANZADEH ( born on 25 november 1990)  is a Singer , Composer and Musician From Iran,Kurdistan . He

.started his vocal lessons when he was 5 with his Brother Kaveh Babanzadeh and then he started learn tombak and setar 

.he learned to sing Iranian and Kurdish maqam at the hands of his brother

.In 2002 and 2005 , he won best Award for Iranian Students

.In 2009 ,he entered university and he educated in Food science and he graduated at 2012 

.In 2017 ,Kian babanzadeh  Started of official activity  with " Hame arezuye man to " Track

Now Kian babanzadeh teaches singing and voice acting classes at the KOOBAN ART INSTITUE 

.In 2018 ,held a concert known as "Near but Far" in TEHRAN

.In 2019,he paticipated in the  "100 Shab 100 Ejra "  festival In TEHRAN

he has a number of songs he has composed and sung himself and held concert on March 8, 2020 in Tehran's Azadi Tower.

BI GHARAR , BOGHZ ,FARVARDIN ,ASHENAYE GHARIB, HAME AREZUYE MAN TO are some of KIAN BABANZADEH Musical works and available on Official website 

​​Kian Babanzadeh live in concert at Azadi Tower of Tehran

He will be on stage on March 8, 2020 as a singer and songwriter with the Brwa Ensamble

In this concert Mohammad Mehr (Piano & Arrange) ,Zaniar Nasimpoor (Tar)   Mehrpouya Daneshvar (Clarinet,Kamancheh  , Arslan khajeh miri (Percussion) ,  Ahmad Jamshidof (Guitar) , Amirali Pirnia (Bass) , Farzin salehi nasab (Drums 

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